Deaf Sport Charity Challenge

We want to challenge you to raise money but we also want to give you something back. You can raise money as an individual, group, club or organisation. All those that raise money for us will have the chance to be rewarded, not just with the massive sense of pride in having supported thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people to get involved in sport but with a chance to win a unique experience for yourself

We want to set three fundraising targets

Bronze £20.17 or more raise
Silver £201.70 or more raised
Gold £2017 or more raised

So why this figure of 2017 ?

Many People do not know that there are no categories for deaf people to participate in the Paralympics’. Therefore Deaf athletes do not receive the same level of profile as those with other disabilities. The pinnacle of many Deaf Athletes careers is the Deaflympics which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and happens the year following the Olympic Games. Therefore our next Deaflympics is in 2017.

To mark this special date in the Deaf Sports Calendar we have decided to use it to form the basis of the Challenge

We want to give something back

Each amount has been selected so that everyone can get involved and to recognise that even the smallest amount means so much in terms of supporting deaf sport. To recognise the fact that your effort has enabled us to provide a fantastic opportunity to a deaf person to enjoy sport and get healthier we want to give you the chance to experience a fantastic opportunity too

All those that raise fund will be entered into a draw for one of the following

Our reward to you


Gold medal

  • All Bronze and Silver level rewards +
  • All individuals/organisation raising this level of funding will be entered into the main draw for 2 tickets to go to the 2017 Deaflympics.
  • All individuals/organisation raising this level of funding will be given 2 free tickets to an evening celebration with UK Deaf Sport Ambassadors, many of who are multiple Deaflympic and World Champions.
SilverSilver medal £201.70
  • All bronze level rewards +
  • Will be entered into  a draw to receive 2 VIP tickets to the Post Games Celebration Party for the Deaflympics TeamGB on their return from the 2017 Games
BronzeBronze medal £20.17
  • Will be entered into a draw to get a selection of official Deaflympic merchandise that will be worn by the TeamGB in 2017
  • A six monthly newsletter with information and articles about the progress of the team and their preparation for major events.
  • An official letter of thanks from a Deaflympic athlete showing you how much it means to receive your support


You don’t have to raise it all at once and could build your way up through the levels by doing a couple of things each year until we reach 2017.

So what you waiting for, get out there and see how much money you can raise and help raise the health of the deaf community at the same time.

What can I do to raise funds ?

The options are limitless and you can do anything you want, sporty or non sporty. All that matters is you enjoy yourself, stay safe and get sponsored for doing . To help you with a few ideas have a look at the section below.

Run in a charity fun run

There are literally thousands of organised runs across the country ranging for 1 mile to a marathon and these are great ways of getting fit and setting yourself a goal whilst raising money for deaf sport. They are usually easy to enter and then all you need to do is rally friends and family to sponsor you. Why not  get them to run too and raise money for deaf sport. Of course it does not need to be an organised run, you can choose to run around the park, in your school field on the treadmill in the Gym or up and down the stairs if you like, as long as you keep safe and get people to support you with sponsorship.

Why not link in the 2017 number to your fund raising challenge. So you could climb 2017 steps or see how far you can run in 20m 17s.

Organise a baking competition and cake sale

You could get your friends and family to bake cakes and decorate them with the Deaflympic 2017 theme. As organiser you could judge the best one and then sell them off at a local fete and donate the money to UK Deaf Sport. Be careful though as too many cakes are not good for your health and you might have to go for a run to work off the calories J

It could be a group thing

Why not encourage your club, school or workplace to join in so that more people are raising the funds and you can enjoy doing something together. Things like lunchtime walks, dress down day, turn up in your sports kit or pedometer challenge where you can compete again other classes, departments or teams in your area to see who can be the first to 201,700 steps.

I am sure that you will have hundreds of ideas. When you choose one we really want to know about it so share your activity on our Facebook page.

To get your fundraising pack sent to you which includes your Sponsorship Forms just email you name and postcode to

Once you have raised your funds make sure you send us your donation using one of the following ways Click here