New DeaflympicsGB logo

Logo / Brand

[one_half] The new Deaflympics GB logo is based around the lion typically used by Great British sport teams and is made up of three main elements. The logo’s central focus is the image of the lion traditionally used across the major Great British team brand identities. This brings it in line with the TeamGB and ParalympicsGB branding which also use the lion as a base. The lion’s mane is constructed symmetrically around the face that creates a subtle shape of two ears. The ears are the same colour – way as the union jack and their curved shape creates the shape of the lion’s hair as well as a waving flag. The three elements come together to construct a modern identity with strong conceptual elements intended to create a logo that will last for years to come. [/one_half] [one_half_last] samsun2017teammanagerday [/one_half_last]