UK Deaf Sport is saddened by the news of Edward (Teddy) Webb who passed away in the early hours on 3rd December 2020.

There are many tributes to Teddy’s life and work, applauding his role, leadership and involvement in promoting Deaf Sports in the UK. He will be missed by the Deaf Sports community and by all those who have and are involved with UK Deaf Sport.

Teddy was a well-known man within the Deaf sports world, which included being heavily involved in, championing and supporting North West Deaf Sports, British Deaf Sports Council and UK Deaf Sport.

He was a positive and active supporter of Deaf Sport in the UK and wanted to make sure that there was a place for the British Deaf Sports Council (BDSC) through grassroots Deaf Sport and accepted the establishment of a new governing body – UK Deaf Sport in 2003.

On the international level and between 2004-2008 Teddy took on the role of EDSO Secretary General and Member of the Executive Committee. We know his work left a big mark in the European Deaf Sports Organisation

In 2012 Teddy was recognised and awarded the Unsung Hero Award at the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year ceremony. Well deserved accolade for his tireless efforts and commitment to Deaf Sport.

We offer our deepest sympathy to his family and close friends.

From the Board, Honorary Members, and Staff at UK Deaf Sport.