Get Active on World Deaf Day

The latest Sport England Active Lives Survey results show that 53.2% of people with a hearing impairment take part in less than 30 minutes a week of physical activity and are classed as inactive compared to 15% of people without a disability. UK Deaf Sport in partnership with Women in Sport also found in our latest research that deaf teenage girls find it difficult to find appropriate activities outside of school.

UK Deaf Sport is committed to raising awareness of opportunities for the whole deaf community to be active to improve physical and mental health and feelings of loneliness. 

UK Deaf Sport have collated a host of deaf specific and deaf friendly activities for the deaf community to take part in, in their local communities. All of this information is hosted on multiple activity finder functions such as Get Active and can be filtered by location, type of activity, time of day and accessibility.

If you are an activity provider and would like to add your activity sessions to these online activity finders, please sign up and share information about your activities here.

UK Deaf Sport have also released a new volunteer platform where deaf sport organisations can advertise their volunteer opportunities. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with a wide range of sports and physical activities not just as a participant!

If you want to ensure you are offering inclusive opportunities for the deaf community to take part in your sport or physical activity, make a pledge on World Deaf Day to sign up to our online training programme Deaf People’s Inclusion in Sport.

For more information, please contact Shannon Howarth, Partnerships Manager (Participation),

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