golf-iconThere are many opportunities to enjoy the games of and the sport is loved by young and old. It is an activity that is very social whilst skill having an opportunity to compete against others of all standard. Below you will find specific information and links to the main golf organisation in the UK that support deaf golfers and provide opportunities for you to get involved

Deaf Sports Organisation

There is a strong network of deaf golf organisation that cover the home nations with competition and tournament being run throughout the year. the main organisations are listed below with links to there website

National Governing Bodies

The National Governing bodies for Golf all have information on clubs and events that you could added. Many will have a dedicated disability programme along with mainstream activities that you can get involved in.

England Deaf Golf

Scottish Deaf Golf

England Golf

Scottish Golf

Welsh Deaf Golf

Deaf Golf Northern Ireland

Welsh Golf Union

Reaching Potential

UK Deaf Sport aims to enable Deaf people to reach their full potential in sport. We work to increase opportunities by working in partnerships with key organisations to create a sporting future that is DEAFinitely Inclusive from grassroots through to Elite level Sport.