100 Deaf Women’s and Girl’s in sport

We’re embarking on an important mission to expand the knowledge, skills and confidence of Deaf and HOH women and girls in sport.

Building a new wave of leaders to rise and empower others to do so too.

Our aim is to uplift 100 women and girls confidence and skills to help forge their own path in the sport and activity sector.

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About the project:

Uk Deaf Sport are in partnership with Women in Sport, funded by Sport England, to support Deaf girls and women around the UK back into sports.

With the right support, we want to open those doors for deaf women and girls and achieve our goal of increasing the number of deaf women and girls excelling in sport, whether it be in their local community sports centres, coaching or making their way to the Deaflympics. This project aims to the remove the barriers that can prevent someone from achieving their goals, such as a fear of rejection, being held back due to their deafness, gender or ethnicity.

We know that communication is a big factor in preventing deaf women and girls from participating in sporting activities and training, by removing these barriers, supporting and creating spaces and pathways to allow equal access as their counterparts, will enable new leaders to inspire and look up to in the future.

There will be opportunities for mentoring, either as volunteers, leaders, and/or coaches, to running a club, to mentoring a team. To enable this, we’ll be able to offer a variety of support such as training sessions, access to resources, and advice and support.

With determination we hope that all the participating deaf women and girls they will go on to not only prosper in their area of sport but exceed and help motivate others.

Should you be interested in getting involved, please contact [email protected]