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Deaf Golf organisations

There are many opportunities to enjoy golf and the sport is loved by young and old. It is an activity that is very social whilst skill having an opportunity to compete against others of all standard. Below you will find specific information and links to the main golf organisation in the UK that support deaf golfers and provide opportunities for you to get involved

World Deaf Golf

The World Deaf Golf Federation (WDGF) is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote the sport of golf among deaf and hard of hearing golfers in the world and to oversee the World Deaf Golf Championships.

England Deaf Golf

The EDG is one of the oldest National Deaf Golf governing body in the world and was also one of the original member countries of the World Deaf Golf Federation (WDGF) in the early 1990s.

Scottish Deaf Golf

Scottish Deaf Golf Association (SDGA), established in 1986, is the only governing body for represent amateur golf in Scotland representing individual golfers with all levels of hearing loss, including those who use British Sign Language as their first or preferred language.

National Governing Bodies

For parts of the UK that does not have a deaf golf organisation, the National Governing bodies below will have information of clubs and events more locally to you that you can get involved in.

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