Toast Our Sporting Talent

What would you do if David Becham or Jessica Ennis came into the bar at your local sports club or you were visited by Deaflympics legends like Rajeev Bagga (Badminton) or Lauren Peffers (Athletics). I am guessing that you would want to talk to them and possibly even buy them a drink. Well that’s just what we want you to do.

Next time you are on a night out or relaxing after a hard game think of the deaf sporting people that are training so hard to represent Great Britain across many different deaf sports and include then in your next round of drinks.


All you need to do it text PINT17 £3 to 70070 and £3 will be donated to UK Deaf Sport to support talented athletes in their quest for international success.

We have junior athletes too that also need you support so you can text MILK17 £3 to 70070.

It’s so simple and all the funds raise will be helping to support deaf sporting talent.

Do you know that UK Government figures from UK Sport show that £49,254,386 was invested into Paralympics’ sport for London 2012, this will increase to £71,247,756 invested for Rio 2016. UK Deaf Sport received £134,000 in a Deaflympic and Talent Funding Grant from Sport England in 2012 this equates to just 0.19% of the amount set to be received by Rio 2016 Paralympic sports. In 2015 Deaf Sport talent support is being withdrawn.

If you think that this is unfair and that deaf athletes should be recognised and supported in line with other world class athletes with other disabilities then why not help our campaign. You can find out more by clicking here

So you see we really need your help and just by donating £3 you will be making a real different. If you want to text more than once that’s fine and if you want to donate a larger sum then just text PINT18 followed by the amount you can afford for example PINT17 £10 or MILK17 £10 to 70070

Thank you so much for your support and don’t forget to donate us!

“Toast our Deaf Sport Talent”

Please remember to be drink aware. For advice and information visiting the drink aware website

So why text ?

An Athletes Story – Rajeev Bagga, Badminton

“I was very proud to win my Silver medal for Great Britain. But I went over to see the injured Lithuanian player and I gave my medal to him because he was injured in the early stages of the competition but he came along on crutches to watch us and I was inspired to see him watching us in the Final. I wanted to honour his freindship and support. We both had tears in our eyes, the TV cameras were watching and everyone was clapping.”

Rajeev Bagga, British Deaf Sports Personality of the Year 2009/2010 recounting his experience at the Taiwan Deaflympics 2009.

Life changing moments like these are what inspire us to work harder and we know that our work has been worthwhile. But how many people know that Rajeev – a five-times Deaflympic Gold medalist also a former Commonwealth Games athlete and currently European Veterans Champion (Mainstream sport)? He has accomplished almost as many honours as Tanni Grey Thompson but has not received any of the same recognition and support for himself or deaf sport. Rajeev now volunteers at a local level coaching people of all ages how to enjoy Badminton and hopefully inspiring the next generation of Sporting talent.

Rajeev and people like him,  following in his footsteps, deserve our help and support so please text. its just £3 but it can make dreams come true