UKDS & DeaflympicsGB Partner with Avensure for HR Outsourcing

UK Deaf Sport (UKDS) and DeaflympicsGB are very pleased to welcome a partnership with Avensure Health and Safety (H&S) & Human Resources (HR) Outsourcing Services. 

UK Deaf Sport works towards collaborating with key organisations to increase, include, and improve pathways for deaf and hard of hearing into sport and physical activity, ensuring they reach their full potential.

DeaflympicsGB caters to deaf athletes who aim to compete at an elite level such as the Deaflympics, which is an International Olympic Committee (IOC) sanctioned event.

Our collaboration with Avensure as the official partner to UKDS and DeaflympicsGB ensures we can benefit from their knowledge and expertise in HR and Health & Safety, gearing UKDS towards modernising its internal functions. 

Expect an improved, resourceful and streamlined internal operations and procedures for UKDS and DeaflympicsGB, with Avensure offering their knowledge and expertise within human resources in these areas:

UKDS chairperson Piers Martin says, “UK Deaf Sport and DeaflympicsGB are very pleased to be partnering with Avensure, whose expertise in HR and Health & Safety at work will help support the organisation to lead deaf sport in a well-governed, open and transparent way, laying the foundations for us to achieve our vision of every deaf person active and inspired by sport.”

About Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services

With offices based in Manchester and London, Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services provide essential business support to thousands of large and small organisations across the United Kingdom. Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services also has a nationwide network of locally based experts operating across the UK to ensure they apply localised knowledge to their services. 

Avensure is bringing this personalised approach to UKDS and DeaflympicsGB, ensuring the organisation operates in a well governed and inclusive way. ‘Quintessentially Different,’ which is Avensure’s strapline, resonates with UKDS’s vision of getting every deaf person active and inspired by sport and physical activity, as the organisation leads the way in providing opportunities for more deaf people to participate in sport throughout their lives. 

“We look forward to growing a strong, mutually beneficial, and long-lasting working partnership with Avensure” Piers Martin states.

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