WKO World Championships 2022

Many congratulations to three deaf young people for competing at the WKO World Championships in Barnsley in August 2022.  

Limerick aged 10, came away with five golds in kickboxing and a silver and bronze in boxing and has become a WKO World Champion and now she has become the double deaf world champion!

Lilly-Anne, aged 9 competed for the first time and came home with two fantastic bronze medals!

Poppy aged 12 with unilaterally hearing losshas won WKO World Championships last year has won 2 silver and 2 bronze in different categories such as kickboxing, boxing, Ken-Do and ultimate points fighter at the event!

Poppy also recently competed in a diabetes charity fundraising tournament. She came away with three golds and two silver medals and was joint second in the top 10 fighters of the day. She was the only deaf fighter there all day and didn’t once let it hold her back!

Well done to all girls!! Keep it up with achievements! 😊

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