Consultancy Opportunity – Deaf Athlete Talent Pathways, Ecosystem and Funding

UK Deaf Sport is seeking costed proposals from experienced consultants/companies to detail options of evidence-based, sustainable deaf athlete talent and performance pathways to elite level and an estimate of what funding is needed to implement these pathways and send a GB Team to the Deaflympics. This systems-based approach must detail the full ecosystem for deaf sport in Great Britain showing pathways from grassroots through to elite level and the Deaflympics including:

  • Deaf athlete talent and performance pathways at all levels including Home Nations.  
  • A full sustainable, systems-based approach to implementing the pathways including the roles and responsibilities of different partners in the sporting landscape such as National Governing Bodies, UK Sport, and others.
  • An estimate of the funding required to implement the pathways and send a GB team to the Deaflympics.

This work must be evidence-based and show the network of partners and interconnected systems for deaf athletes through to the Deaflympics.

Full details including consultation document available here.

Please send your costed proposal to UK Deaf Sport CEO Joanne Cholerton by 5pm on 4 January 2023 at If you would like to discuss this specification, please contact Joanne via this email.

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