Give Deaf Sport an early Christmas present and show your support.

To request your free Deafcember fundraising pack just send a email to with your name and postcode.

You may be aware of Stoptober and Movember well we now have our own fun focused fundraising month called Deafcember.

All the funds raised will be used directly to help deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages access a sport that they enjoy. currently just 10.8% of the deaf participation are accessing sports activity. much lower than those with other disabilities. This does not mean that deaf people do not enjoy sport, it is more a reflection on the amount of opportunities available to them. Creating more opportunities to do sport and physical activity helps people develop friendships and have fun as well as get fitter and more active.

So what is it all about?

Deafcember is about having fun with friends and raising funds for a good cause.

We want you to have a Christmas party for us

Many athletes will be watching what they eat over Christmas as they need to stay in peak fitness for competitions in the new year. So we are asking you to pig out for them

Throughout the month of December we want you and your friends to get together and have a good time. At this time of year we want to be with friends and family and I am sure many of you are thinking about where to go for a Christmas get together or party.

We want you to decide to throw a dinner party in your house instead of paying the huge costs that pubs and clubs charge during the festive period. for just one night Stay in, stay warm and support deaf sport.

Invite your friends and family around your house and throughout the night raise money for deaf sport. You might do this by charging for a ticket to come or asking everyone that comes to donate the money they would have spent on a expensive night in town to deaf sport. You can have a raffle and everyone brings a prize whatever you want to do to ensure that by the end of the night you have had a great night, loads of fun and that you have something to donate and help others

Any sort of party will do by why not link into the sporting theme. You could ask people to dress up as their favourite sporting star, come to dinner in the sports kit.

Why not theme your menu to reflect a Deaflympic host city. You could cook a

  • Turkish meal to reflect the next games in 2017
  • French food in honour of the first games in 1924.

If you not a whizz in the kitchen then why not

  • Order a Chinese in honour of Taipei in 2009
  • Have a BBQ to honour Australia 2005.

We have create some invites that you can download to send to people.



Invite Template 1



Christmas Invite

Invite template 2




Invite Template 3


It really couldn’t be easier and it is guaranteed to be great fun. We’d love to see what you get up to so post some pictures on Facebook and Twitter using the #deafcember. We will put the ones we like best up on our website to celebrate the great time people are having whilst helping us.

So what are you waiting for, get planning now and be part of DEAFcember.

If you raise enough you may also achieve one of our Deaf Charity Challenge Levels which will open up other opportunities and rewards.

If you really don’t want to do it in your own home why not get your office Christmas party to be a Deafcember party and raise money whilst you are out on the town. You could get everyone to donate the cost of one drink (let’s face it we often have one too many at the Christmas do anyway) or if they are feeling really generous they could donate the cost a whole round. If you talk nicely to the boss then they might contribute too as a bit of festive Christmas cheer

To request your free Deafcember fundraising pack just send a email to with you name a postcode.

Once you have raised some money there are several way to make the donation. just click here for details