Audiograms – Obtaining an Athletes ICSD number

If a new number is required:

  1. All Athletes must complete and use the official ICSD form which can be downloaded from the Deaflympics website ( as ICSD may update these forms from time to time we recommend you download a new form each time.
  2. All sections of the form (all four tests) must be completed before sending to
  3. It must be sent to UKDS in a PDF format.
  4. Once UKDS have received your form, we will check all the regulations are met before sending it onto the ICSD.
  5. Once ICSD have confirmed and processed the form, they will send an ICSD number to UKDS who will then send it to the main contact.
  6. ICSD will later update their list of Authorised Audiograms and we put this copy in our “Approved Audiogram by ICSD” file

This whole process from start to finish (not including the athletes completing the form) can take up to 4 weeks so make sure you have given enough time before a competition/tournament.

Where an athlete has received an ICSD number from outside of Britain it may take UKDS longer to retrieve the number as we would have to go via ICSD rather than our own database so please allow for extra time.

My Athlete has already taken part in competitions but we don’t have his/her number
UKDS will have a record of every Athlete’s ICSD number so a sport manager can contact for this. If you are requesting more than 5 Athlete ICSD numbers, please send them to us in alphabetical order.

UKDS will endeavour to get back to you within 7 working days.