UK Deaf Sport launches new membership offer

UK Deaf Sport is delighted to announce our new membership offer commencing from January 2024.

The new UK Deaf Sport membership offer ensures that the needs of the deaf sport and physical activity community are met through education, guidance, support and promotion. Many of the benefits are not available to non-members or would incur an additional cost.

Four new categories have been designed to offer different membership packages to meet all requirements.

  • Governing Bodies- National Deaf Governing Bodies and National Governing Bodies (£100)
  • Activity Provider- Deaf Sport Clubs, Deaf Centres, Schools, Colleges, Universities (£75)
  • Individual Athlete/Coach- Deaf sport athletes / coaches with no Governing Body/Deaf Sport Organisation (£30)
  • Individual Supporter- Parents, Family Members, Deaf Community (£15)

For more information on the benefits of the UK Deaf Sport membership and to purchase a membership please click here.

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