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Did you know that hearing loss is the single biggest disability group across all disabilities? With an estimated 10 million people in the UK who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Despite this huge population, funding to support Deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK to enjoy and excel in sport is still massively unequal. For example only 0.19% of disability talent funding is targeted at Deaf peoples provision.

UK Deaf Sport is working tirelessly to develop more opportunities across the UK at a local community level to ensure that Deaf and hard of hearing people can access the benefits of Sport and a Healthy Lifestyle. But we can not do it alone

Without the support and generosity of people like you we simple could not achieve our goal of ”More people reaching their full potential through sport”. Your Support will enable us to

  • Train coaches in local clubs so that a deaf person does not feel isolated and can learn to play sports that theyenjoy
  • Educate organisation on the simple changes they need to make to become DEAFinitely Inclusive
  • To develop role models that can inspire a nation of deaf people to show that they too can achieve through sport
  • To work with deaf people to help them develop there confidence and self esteem and to realise how much they have to give
  • And to support people to achieve there dream of living and enjoying sport without barriers

We know that times are hard. There are many deserving charities out there that you could be raising money for and that is why we feel so honoured that you have chosen to consider us.

Over the past three years our work has grown considerably and we have develop some fantastic partnerships with many excellent organisations, but without the funds to continue this development all this progress and good work is at risk

UK Deaf Sport work to support all Deaf and hard of hearing people access sport. We work with partners to develop more opportunities that are DEAFinitely Inclusive at a local level. Although we receive some government support this is not enough to achieve our vision as swiftly and effectively as we would like. Therefore we ask you to consider ways that you might be able to help. We would be so honoured if you would get involved in one of our fundraising activities and help build a better sporting future for deaf people in the UK so we can provide them with the opportunities to experience the fun, friendships and challenges that sport bring to our lives.

Check out our current fundraising activities and see if one suits you (coming soon)

We are immensely proud of our supporters past and present and we would not be here today if it were not for the  support of the local communities.

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